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Are you Ready to Increase Profit & Permanently Reduce Tax? 

What You’ll Get During Your Free Consultation

Within 20 minutes, it is highly likely, we will be able to identify a variety of solutions that will significantly increase your profit and permanently reduce tax.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Simply be prepared to discuss your situation.  Nothing more is needed at this point in the exploration process.  

What Happens During the Call

We know that not every circumstance is the same, therefore we start with a simple Q&A to learn as much as we can.  This will allow us to more effectively target solutions. 

What Changes After the Call

Nothing will change until you are ready to make a change. The majority of our calls result in identifying ways to significantly increase profit & permanently reduce tax.

About Mark Myers

Mark is the founder of Peak Profit Solutions and a Tax Savings Architect.  He brings over 20 years of successful business operation and high level consulting experience to the table for the clients and financial professionals he services.

Mark employs the same discipline and tenacity in finding tax savings as he did serving his country as a former Marine Corp Sergeant in Bravo Company 4th Marine Division.  Semper Fi!

Peak Profit Solutions and it's affiliate partners have helped thousands of individuals increase profit and permanently reduce their annual tax bill to help them better grow their business and accelerate their wealth.

Peak Profit Solutions has Evolved!  Please click here for new website and details.

We make tax reduction & increased profitability elegantly simple.

Why Our Clients Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Patrick M.

Real Estate Broker

"I decided to pass on working with Mark in 2016 however became a client in 2020 and saved over 100k in tax.  I wish I had moved forward earlier as I would have had 300k more in my pocket today. 

Doug H.

Tax Professional

"Every client for which I have worked with Mark has saved $30k to over $100k in taxes.  For sound strategies, Mark is the best resource I have found in more than 15 years of tax preparation services."

Gaby C.

Financial Professional

Mark is a truly dedicated professional who works hard to achieve goals. He is also a great communicator and makes understanding complex things easy. Doing business with Mark has been a delightful experience!

It's Not What You Earn, It's What You Keep!  What Are You Waiting For?

Peak Profit Solutions has Evolved!  Please click here for new website and details.


Be sure to schedule a FREE consultation using one of the links above so we can more effectively understand your specific situation.  If you would like us to take a preliminary look at your tax savings opportunity, please click the button below.

We will provide you with a savings range based on your current scenario along with a few case studies to review prior to speaking with us directly. 


Believe it or not, we do not compete with your business, we actually enhance it!

Our solutions provide additional layers of tax defense for your clients.  We work seamlessly with you to integrate these new strategies into your clients' plan.  

Less tax paid equals more income that can be reinvested into business growth or wealth accumulation strategies. Click below to receive more information about 

our partnership program.