Volcanic Ash

2023 Bulk Purchase


bulk purchase benefits

We offer individual purchasers the opportunity to acquire minerals, commodities and other raw materials on highly discounted terms typically only available to large industry and institutional buyers.  We can offer this by negotiating large allocations of assets but make them available in smaller lots.

Purchasers acquire individual, undivided ownership of the assets, directly or via an entity.  Additional support is also available to assist owners in commercializing or managing the assets.  (These are not pooled arrangements or investment contracts; purchasers have full ownership, and responsibility for them).

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How Does it Work?

Within this bulk purchase arrangement, a large volume of mineral rich soil termed, "Volcanic Ash", is contributed to a Limited Liability Company by the current owner and made available for purchase in smaller lots to individuals, trusts and/or businesses at exclusive discount pricing terms.  The purchaser's capital contribution is in exchange for LLC interest in a Series of the LLC.  Each partner fully controls their pro-rata share of the asset. 

A qualified appraisal is completed to determine the fair market value of the asset owned by the LLC and each individual Series LLC owner.  After the appraisal is complete, individuals/entities that acquire ownership interest in the Series may execute one of the following actions independent of any other series owner:

(1) Hold the asset for personal use or future sale.  

(2) Donate to a pre-identified 501c3 charity.   The charity will use the mineral rich soil in its grass roots agricultural efforts and also work with a strategic partner to further commercialize the asset.     

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The minerals are valued at the same price per unit as the owner has sold and continues to sell commercially in the ordinary course of business. We have procured exclusive, below market terms for the bulk purchase.

Each year, in early December an appraisal is completed by a qualified 3rd party.   A full copy of the qualified appraisal will be made available to each donor to keep for their personal records.

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frequently asked questions 

[Tax Preparation]

  • What Documents will I need to file?

  • How & Where Do I List My Deduction?

  • Do I need an 8283 Specific to my Series LLC?

  • What is Code E on schedule K-1 (Form 1065)?

  • What is “Other Increase” in <Section L> on the Schedule K-1 (Form 1065)?

  • Is the Contribution a Capital Asset or Inventory?

  • Is this a Listed Transaction?

The following 3 documents are required for your tax filing and should be provided to your tax preparer:

1- Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) of your Series

2- 8283

3- Valuation Report (qualified appraisal)

A copy of the completed copy of Form 8283 from us should be attached to your tax return along with a copy of the Qualified appraisal that you have been provided. Use the amount shown on your Schedule K-1, not the amount shown on Form 8283, to figure your deduction.


Please reach out to the individual that shared this information with you to learn how to participate in this year's opportunity.